When will this plan be implemented?

    We don’t have a planned timeframe for completion. This project is for further consideration by council.

    Why are the Emerald Botanical Gardens being considered for an upgrade, and not another park?

    The Botanic Gardens is the region’s premier park and like all parks, it requires upgrades and renewals from time to time. The proposed project will form part of our overall park improvement program.

    We have and will continue to invest in the improvement of other parks throughout the region in addition to the Botanic Gardens.

    Examples include the following projects which are planned for 2019:

    ·  $200,000 invested in replacing playground equipment at Vicki Peters Park.

    ·  $150,000 invested in replacing playground equipment at Lions Park.

    ·  $200,000 invested in replacing playground equipment at Rich Memorial Park in Springsure.

    ·  $105,000 invested in the Springsure Skate Park area.

    Other recent investments include the installation of a new playground at the Capella Aquatic Centre, and the establishment of the multi-million-dollar Blackwater Aquatic Centre.

    Is this going to mean an increase in rates?

    This project is not anticipated to impact on rates,  rather we will explore all funding opportunities, including grant funding, for the proposed development. 

    When are we getting a skate park in Blackwater?

    Planning is underway for the development of a new skate park in Blackwater. We have engaged a skate park development company to gather feedback from community in Blackwater, commencing in March 2019. This will enable us to begin the process of designing a new purpose-built skate park.

    Why are we proposing a water park when Fairbairn Dam is close to 10% capacity?

    The proposed water play elements run on a sustainable recirculating system. If severe water restrictions were to be introduced, it would be possible to suspend the water play features for a given period of time.