Regional Outcomes

The Community Plan defines five areas in which community members and the Central Highlands Regional Council share aspirations for the Central Highlands region in the year 2022.   

Resourceful vibrant community

In 2022 we will be celebrating our diversity, lifestyle and heritage through strong social networks and active participatin to nurture the well-being of our unique safe communities.

Our Region in 2022...

  • Has welcoming, strong and self-reliant communities with access to a wide range of community services and facilities, giving everyone the chance to be involved in community life.
  • Allows us to enjoy a safe and relaxed lifestyle by accessing places, spaces and events that strengthen our sense of place and community pride
  • Has healthy, active and connected communities with well resourced sporting, recreation and leisure facilities, vibrant community groups and volunteers
  • Has caring, nurturing and family oriented communities accessing services and facilities for all people
  • Is accessing quality social, medical and education services and infrastructure to serve the needs of our people
  • Celebrates and promotes our diversity through arts and cultural activities, and by preserving our indigenous and pioneering heritage

Integrated quality infrastructure

In 2022 we will be connecting and servicing our communities with quality maintained infrastructure and integrated transport networks through advanced telecommunications, innovative urban design and affordable housing choices.

Our Region in 2022...

  • Has well maintained and equipped community facilities providing opportunities for all community members to actively and passively participate
  • Will have a diverse range of housing options to suit changing individual and community needs
  • Will be accessing places that enhance our great lifestyle through innovative and creative urban design
  • Has access to reliable and efficient telecommunication networks
  • Is accessing secure, reliable and sustainable water and energy supplies
  • Is serviced by safe, accessible and well maintained transport systems and road networks
  • Is preserving the traditional character, identity and heritage of our historical buildings and unique places
  • Is sustained by adequate and timely development planning and approval systems to meet regional growth

Diverse prosperous economy 

In 2022 we are boasting a thriving responsive economy led by innovation, leading edge technology and a skilled professional workforce that attracts continued investment across our diverse business, industry and tourism enterprises.

Our Region in 2022...

  • Has a prosperous, diversifying and responsive economy sustaining our community well-being and preferred lifestyle
  • Has resilient and innovative industries meeting the demands of global economic and climate trends
  • Has a thriving small to medium size business sector
  • Has strong and growing regional tourism enterprises
  • Has a culture of quality customer service, continuous improvement and technology uptake
  • Is encouraging and attracting new investment to build on the region’s strengths, competitive advantages and resources
  • Attracts and develops a skilled workforce by promoting our region as a lifestyle destination
  • Has quality training and education access to strengthen our workforce skills base to meet business and industry development
  • Has collaboration across industry, government and community to strengthen partnerships and future planning

Healthy natural environment

We are actively enjoying our pristine scenic landscapes and open green spaces while responsibly managing our valued natural resources with innovative practices and sustainable planning.

Our Region in 2022...

  • Is a place where we enjoy, protect and retain our natural environment and scenic landscapes
  • Has urban green spaces and recreational areas promoting healthy active lifestyles
  • Has sustainable management of our natural resources and environment for current and future generations
  • Has healthy water-ways, water catchments and landscapes to enhance and maintain our bio-diversity, water and air quality
  • Is accessing renewable and cleaner energy sources
  • Is minimising waste disposal by proactively reducing, reusing and recycling waste
  • Is enhancing and retaining our heritage spaces to preserve the unique character of our communities
  • Is proactively planning, assessing and partnering to balance and mitigate the environmental and social impacts of regional development and growth

Proactive Open Governance

We are shaping our region through ongoing community engagement, proactive partnerships and strong leadership to enhance communication and decision making for equitable future planning.

Our Region in 2022...

  • Is encouraging community participation in local and regional decision making
  • Has regional leaders who plan and partner to speak with one voice on issues of importance for the region and our communities
  • Has active, open and meaningful engagement and communication between the community, Council, Federal and State government, organisation’s, business and industry
  • Have responsible, transparent, accountable and balanced decision making and reporting
  • Has effective risk management and disaster recovery systems in place to protect our communities
  • Is partnering to make informed decisions and integrate future planning that reflects community aspirations to sustain our region