Feedback on Option #1 Playground Ideas

10 months ago
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  • Zara 10 months ago
    Would love to see this one, great variety of equipment. If not option 2 is a good option as well
  • Maryanne 11 months ago
    I would love to see this option or option 2 as my preferences- good range of ages catered for.
  • Lisa 11 months ago
    This one looks great for a wide range of ages!
  • Rebecca 11 months ago
    This option clearly offers the most variety, whilst promoting the development of a variety of skills of children between the ages of 1 & 12 yrs. Love the idea of the you and me swing definitely something I would use with my toddler. Children would definitely get great excitement out of this set up.
  • Jaclyn 11 months ago
    This option seems to suit the largest age range of kids. Very pleased to see our park getting an update!
  • Gabby 11 months ago
    I think this option suits a wider range of age groups, and is maximising the space available. There is a good mix of equipment to promote imaginary play, gross motor skill development and socialisation. Also some fun for parents with the “you and me” swing!
  • Beetle82 11 months ago
    This is clearly the best option! A great range of activities for all age groups. Soft fall would be an AMAZING edition to the playground for hygiene if anything. Lots of little kids tend to eat the sand and or bark.
  • TIM 11 months ago
    This is the best option. A good mix of equipment for different age groups.
  • Jessica 11 months ago
    I like this option the most. It has a better variety of play equipment and is a nice mix between skill development, physical and imaginary play. I think it is more appealing to a broader age-range than the other options too. It would be great if soft-fall could be considered as well. I know it's an expensive option, but children like to eat the sand and (previous) bark.
  • AB 11 months ago
    This looks to be the best option. Something for everyone.
  • Kayleigh 11 months ago
    I like that fact all ages will be entertained with this set up
  • Clifton08 11 months ago
    I think this one would be great. Something for all ages to play on
  • Comiskeyb 11 months ago
    Cool. Lots of features for little ones.
  • Admin Commented Suzanne 11 months ago
    Tower ride, aka flying fox looks fun! This option seems to have more equipment to play on which I think will keep the kids interested and occupied longer.
  • Admin Commented I Josey 11 months ago
    The steam train looks fun.