Why do we need a strategy?

    The strategy is very important for 2 reasons:

    1. It provides council with a way forward on reducing waste to landfill through improving recycling from an expanded kerbside service.
    2. The draft strategy has provided an opportunity for council to ‘reset’ how council manages waste collection across the region, that is more efficient and cost effective.

    What does the strategy suggest?

    The fundamental goal of the strategy is to improve the efficiency of council's resource recovery (waste management) operation while minimising waste disposal to landfill and maintaining or improving the current level of service. Some key points of the strategy are:

    • the investigation of future expansion of council’s kerbside collection service.
    • a review of our existing resource recovery centres (inc landfills and bulk bin stations) to determine whether they are fit for purpose.
    • the establishment of a new regional resource recovery centre in Emerald.

    What are council’s current waste facilities and where are they?

    Current bin stations (unmanned with key access only are at:

    • Bauhinia
    • Gindie
    • Anakie
    • Willows
    • Bogantungan

    Current manned resource recovery centres are at:

    • Duaringa
    • Bluff
    • Rolleston
    • Springsure
    • Sapphire/Rubyvale
    • Capella
    • Emerald

    Current landfills are at:

    • Lochlees Road Emerald
    • Blackwater
    • Tieri

    What does the waste management fee on my rates cover?

    This charge is not related to the collection of waste, this charge is a contribution from all ratepayers within the shire towards the maintenance, rehabilitation, and operation of council’s waste transfer stations or landfills.

    What happens to my recyclables?

    All recyclables collected in the yellow top bins is transferred to a Municipal Resource Recovery Facility (sorting facility) at either Mackay or Rockhampton.

    At the landfills metal, crushed concrete, tyres, batteries, cardboard and green waste is all reused.